Worm Bags

Worm Bags


Worm Bag


Worm bags?  Why would you have worm bags in a knit store?  We hear that a lot.  We have all looked around to find the best way to keep our needles, and have found many great things, especially the shoe holders that hang over the door.  However, those are not very convenient to carry with you.  For those of you that plan every thing out in advance can use this method, because you would be able to get the needles you want from home for the project you want to do.


But for most of us, we never know what we are going to need until we need it.  This requires carrying all (or almost all) of your needles with you at all times.  So, without having to carry the over-the-door plastic shoe holder around with you, what do you use?  The best thing we have found is the worm bags.

These are the perfect design for us.  There are 2 zipper sides.  In each side there is a ring binder attached that has several zipper plastic bags.  We use one side for our circular needles and the other for our double points.  With the multiple plastic bags, you can sort the needles by size.   There is also some extra little pockets inside the bag that you will have filled before you know it.



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