What is blocking?


Jessica Fenlon Thomas writes:

I used to think that blocking was something they did in football. I ignored the instruction "block garment pieces before seaming" because I didn't see the value or the point of it. Of course, it didn't help that many of the patterns that I chose didn't even call for blocking.

It wasn't until I had been knitting a while and wanted to even out my stockinette stitch that I learned how to block.  Click here to read entire article


Sarah E White writes:

Blocking is a method of stretching and shaping a finished knitted piece to reach the dimensions suggested in the pattern, to make two pieces that need to match the same size, or to make your stitches look nicer and more even. Lace almost always needs to be blocked to "open up" the design so all those beautiful holes and patterns show in their true glory.  Click here to read entire article

We recommend a process often referred to as Spray Blocking.  To do this, you will take your finished item and pin it out to the be the correct size/shape.  Once this is done, take a spray bottle with room-temperature water (make certain water is clean, and bottle has been used for nothing except water) and spray the entire item until it is wet.  Then, do nothing but leave the item sitting flat until the piece is completely dry (usually 24-48- hours).  You then take the pins out and continue on.  

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Gift Cards Available

Gift Card


You may now purchase GIFT CARDS

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They are reusable and reloadable.  Available for any amount in the store and fixed amounts online.  If you purchase a card online, we will contact you by email to see who the card is for and where you want it mailed.



Knit A-Long



If this class does not appear on our calendar, call the shop to have it scheduled
Merging Ripple Shawl 

Ingrid has finished hers:

Carol has finished hers:  


January Knit-A-Long Merging Ripple Shawl using Short Row technique
Pattern in Knitscene Winter 2012- We have extra copies of this magazine at the shop.

This shawlette is worked from the bottom up and is shaped with decreases & short rows. 


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Google Calendar?

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free time-management web application offered by Google.

When you click on our calendar, you will have access to lots of information.  This calendar shows shop hours for each day and a listing of all the activities going on for that day.  You can click on these items to receive additional information.

If you use Google Calendar, you can easily add a class from our calendar to your calendar with a click of the mouse.  This will make it easy to remember which class you have signed up for and when to show up at the table.


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Knots Of Love


Thanks to everyone's hard work we have 106 hats!!


100th hat received from Paula on 3/9


Knots of Love

Knots Of Love

Join us to knit or crochet hat for donating. We will use the approved patterns provided and we carry several of the approved yarns to knit these hats. 


Knots of Love donates caps to:  Men and women undergoing Chemotherapy, burn victims, brain surgery patients, head trauma patients, and individuals with Alopecia.

What Knots of Love provides and how we make a difference:
Warmth: Caps help keep patients warm in the chilly treatment rooms.
Comfort: Heads become sore after a long day of wearing a wig, and some chemotherapy drugs cause heads to become tender. Caps provide respite and comfort, like a cozy pair of slippers or a soft robe.
Dignity: The loss of hair can be traumatic for patients, resulting in embarrassment and seclusion. Caps provide a fashionable way to cover hair loss and help to restore self-esteem.


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